Mountways Kot Naikana
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To reach Kot Naikana, one must trek deep into the pine forest, verdant and emerald green in the monsoons and blooming with rhododendron in the winters. The first thing you see as you enter the resort is the sitting area that seems to be clinging to the mountain side by the tip of its fingers. The shelf full of travel books made me happy enough but the comfortable cane chairs with their plump cushions just invite you to sink in and drink in the view of the Himalayas, a tapestry in all shades of green, dotted with small houses, the snow peaks just shadows behind the mist and the clouds. 
The USP of Kot Naikana is that there is no TV and absolutely no phone connectivity. You are totally cut off from civilization and there is nothing to do but lose yourself in nature and soak in the serenity and the peace. 
Everything in the resort, right from the bathroom fittings to the curtains on the wall to the serving trays are made by locals or sourced through local artisans from across the country. The pretty rooms with the sloping grass roofs, mud walls and the artistic furnishings are not just to appear quaint but speak volumes about our host Pushpanjali’s love for the region. She is simply a queen among hosts, her hospitality heartwarming and very genuine. Add to the fact that she has a magician for a cook. From the local Uttarakhand food to tasty trifles and walnut cake, there is nothing that Dhan singh can’t whip out in that small kitchen of his. 
So you eat well, read, listen to the song of birds, watch the sun and the clouds play hide and seek over the mountains and then enjoy the cool mountain breeze as the mountains disappear behind the curtain of rain.The rain is always followed by a mist that completely shrouds you and makes you feel as if you are in your own personal magical world.

And that is exactly what Kot Naikana is ….. A charming magical place where the people are always cheerful, the views incomparable and the food ambrosial. 

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